Travelling is one of the best ways to know more about yourself, they said. I feel strongly like that when I took a trip to Labuan Bajo, the city of sunset. It is located on the western tip of Flores and that’s why this port city has natural attractions that are close to the beach and sea. If you don’t like snorkeling and beaching, I suggest you find a guide to Sumba.

I had my best six days trip: five days in Labuan Bajo plus a day in Bali. Before traveling to Labuan Bajo, I booked an open trip to tour Komodo Island, Padar, and Kanawa. If you’re curious enough about which places I’ve visited and how much I’ve spent during six days of travel, here are some details for you.

The holiday took place in August 2018. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

1st Day, August 2 2018 – Ciao Hostel

I chose a morning flight due to fear of severe weather conditions. At 10.40 the Batik airplane took off. At least we need 2 hours for a journey up to 1.400 km. Fortunately, Batik Air offers food and in-flight entertainment.

harga tiket ke labuan bajo
Food and in flight entertainment in Batik Air.

Arriving at the airport, I waited for a pickup from the hotel. Almost all hotels provide a free charge shuttle because there is rarely public transportation there. If you want to take a long drive, I suggest you rent motorbikes. Ciao Hostel has dorm rooms that perfect for backpackers. Besides being cheap, the hostel is located directly to the sea. So stunning! 

ciao hostel
‘Balcony view’ at Ciao Hostel.

Travel spending
Flight ticket Jakarta-Labuan Bajo – IDR 1.350.000
Ciao Hostel 1 night – IDR 200.000
Dinner – IDR 100.000

2nd Day, August 3 2018 – Loh Buaya, Rinca Island

I registered a 4D3N-tour package with longlasting Trip. Don’t expect to get a luxury boat, if you join an Open Trip. The facilities include bedroom, air conditioner, meals (I swear the cooking is delicious), free flow of mineral water, coffee and tea, bedrooms, snorkeling equipment, tumbler, and bathroom. You’ll also get entry tickets for tourist attractions, documentation, tour leader, and accommodation on the final day. 

wisata terbaik di labuan bajo
My cabin looks like this. (Source: Bajo Floaties).

I took this trip with foreigners from America, France and Italy, and some Asian friends from Malaysia and Singapore. The journey started from Loh Buaya (Komodo National Park) to see the Komodo dragons. It’s a mating season in July-September, therefore most of the komodos enter the forest. The mature ones are easy to find.

longlasting trip
Meet new friends!

After visiting the dragons, we went around Rinca to see the vast landscape of Komodo Island. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes! We spend at least 2-3 hours on Rinca, then headed to Padar to stay overnight.

pulau komodo
Komodos are solitary outside of mating season.

Travel spending
longlasting Trip – IDR2.650.000

3rd Day, August 4 2018 – Padar, Pink Beach, Taka Makassar

For me, the best panorama during this tour is Padar. We woke up at dawn to catch the rising sun from the peak. It’s hard to see in the dark, so you should bring a flashlight because the hiking trail is quite steep. It requires an hour to reach the top. Despite being very tired, you should finish the track to get a better view. You won’t regret it!

pulau padar, komodo island, pulau komodo
Sunrise at Padar #nofilterneeded.

Pink Beach awaited us. I was surprised by the various colored coral, like the purple and pink ones. Swimming at Pink Beach is not too long compared to other destinations. Tour guard will immediately take you to Taka Makassar or also known as Gosong Island. The waves were not that big so it is safe for beginner to snorkel.

pink beach, labuan bajo, pulau komodo
Pink Beach
pulau gosong komodo, pulau komodo
Taka Makassar or also known as Gosong Island

4th Day, August 5 2018 – Manta Point, Kanawa Island

Manta Point is one of the desirable tourist destinations to have an up-close experience with manta rays . Warning, no touching! Unlucky me the mantas didn’t show up when I was there.

manta point
How lucky if you can meet the mantas! (Source: Longlasting Trip)

And there is Kanawa. the island that has the best snorkeling spot of all places that I’ve ever visited. Forget Phi Phi Island, Kanawa has loads of living coral reefs and bright-colored fishes. Go swimming into the middle! First, not so many tourists. Last, there are more diverse reefs in deep water. Ask tour leaders to accompany you (they are undoubtedly good at swimming!).

This is our friend from France. He’s too good at swimming.

5th Day, Agustus 6 2018 – Kalong Island, Sebayur Island, Kelor Island

Snorkeling activities were getting less on the last day. You can join the group to reach the highest peak of Kelor. In the morning, the guard would prepare a small boat to do another short hiking in Sebayur. The island was not included in the package. As a fire in Gili Lawa happened, longlasting Trip changed its itinerary to overcome our disappointment. The hidden beauty has an orange hills landscape that makes you aw with the color.

pulau sebayur, trip ke labuan bajo
Sebayur Island.
Kelor and its breathtaking view.

From Kelor, we were taken back to the city. Guests didn’t need to spend money on accommodation on final day because it’s already included in the tour package. The hotel, Exotic Komodo Hotel, is next to the airport so it’s possible to walk in five minutes. To you who can’t afford to buy any souvenirs outside, Exotic Komodo Hotel has a gift shop that sells local products: Flores coffee, Nusa Tenggara ethnic woven bags, and else.

At night, our guide, Yoram, invited us to dinner at Kampung Ujung Night Market. You can find many types of seafood here. It was our last moment with tour leaders and friends.

longlasting trip
Our tour leaders, Yud (left) and Yoram (right).

Travel spending
Dinner at Kampung Ujung Night Market – IDR20.000

6th Day, August 7 2018 – Bali

Before flying to Jakarta, I transited to Bali for a couple of hours. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) is the best place for a quick getaway. They have cultural performances such as Balinese famous dance, Kecak at the theater, Rindik instrument, or Joget Bumbung dance.

gwk, garuda wisnu kencana
Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue.

I and my friend rented a motorbike for a day. At GWK, don’t forget to try the Segway to go around the tourist attractions. You can charter for 30 minutes. If you are interested to watch Kecak, the show is held daily until 18.30. You should search for a late-night flight.

Going around GWK with segway.

I flew from Labuan Bajo to Bali using Wings Air. The plane is very small, no wonder tourists felt nervous during turbulence. After the show, I immediately returned to the airport to catch a flight to Jakarta.  

Travel spending
Flight from Labuan Bajo-Bali – IDR866.000
Flight from Bali-Jakarta – IDR570.000
GWK entry ticket – IDR125.000
Segway – IDR100.000
Motorbike – IDR40.000

I’ve detailed the itineraries, from Komodo Island to Kelor, from hotels to flight tickets. You might drop approximately IDR5.981.000 – excluding souvenirs – to do the trip in Labuan Bajo.

Some Infos

  1. Tourist attractions can be pricey in Bali, but you still can enjoy many amazing things for less than $10. Enjoy riding around Ubud’s rice fields (from $3) or try the most wanted culinary. There are pork satay, betutu, and sambal matah (their chill-based condiment).
  2. Shopping souvenirs in Flores is indeed expensive, especially their handicrafts. It’s normal because of the difficult technique they put.
  3. July until November is the best month to catch the orange view of Labuan Bajo. 
trip ke labuan bajo

With outstanding panorama, Labuan Bajo is somewhere you should put on top of your travel list!

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