trip ke raja ampat

Itinerary 5 Days 4 Nights

Day 1 – Sorong, Waisai, Waiwo Island, City Tour

  • Pick up from meeting point (Bandar Udara Domine Eduard Osok) at 07.00-09.00 AM and transfer to harbour.
  • Arrive at homestay in Waisai, have lunch and check in.
  • Travel around Waiwo Island, Saonek Monde, Saporkren, and catch sunset at Putras Resort (you can enjoy snorkel here).
  • Dinner and free time.

Day 2 – Mayalibit Bay (Kali Mangkok, Indar Peak, Gurita Cave, Kalibiru)

  • Have breakfast and get ready to Mayalibit Bay. The boat will depart early morning to Mayalibit Bay.
  • Visit Kali Mangkuk and Gurita Cave.
  • Have a lunch, you’ll need energy to go trekking to Kalibiru. As the name implies, the water has crystal blue color in natural way. Enjoy the atmosphere, the nature sound will soothe you and make you relax!
  • Visit the peak of Indar to catch the sunset. People call it ‘Little Piaynemo’.
  • Return to homestay. Dinner and free time.

Day 3 – Saporkren, Gam Island, Arborek

  • Visit Saporkren to see cenderawasih, the bird of paradise. Some of the birds are able to perform movements that resemble a unique dance.
  • Going to Gam Island. Here you can find a wooden gazebo with views of Gam Islands. To get here, you need trekking for about 15 minutes.
  • Welcome to Arborek! Beginners have the chance to learn diving with expert instructors. In case you don’t want to dive, you can snorkel to meet colorful fish and corals.
  • We already booked you a seaview homestay to enjoy the breeze and best sunset spot!
  • BBQ time.

Day 4 – Piaynemo, Telaga Bintang, Batanta Waterfall, Pasir Timbul

  • Have breakfast, next trip is Piaynemo, Telaga Bintang, and Batanta Waterfall.
  • The 300 stairs will welcome you at Piaynemo! Get to the top and prepare to take some photos with one of the most breathtaking views you’ll ever see. From the viewpoint you’ll see the small islands rising up out of crystal clear water.
  • Not far from Piaynemo, you’ll stop at Telaga Bintang. This lake has a form like a star, a giant one. Its color is just amazing.
  • Long trekking to Batanta Waterfalls, make sure to wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable to hike! Even though it takes a little bit effort to reach the location, the atmosphere is quite rewarding. Providing refreshing air and cool water, the waterfall has become a good location for relax.
  • We’ll chase sunset at Pasir Timbul.

Day 5 – Waisai/Sorong

  • Go back to Waisai/Sorong. You can travel around Waisai or take afternoon sailing to Sorong to catch flight.