Blessed. A word that came to me when I saw breaking news on January 25, 2019. It pointed out the Komodo National Park closing plan for a year by the Governor of East Nusa Tenggara, Viktor Laiskodat. It was said to revitalize the dragon’s habitat and boost the population of their preys.

2018, I managed to buy a return ticket to Labuan Bajo. Using a travel agency, I made it to Komodo National Park, located at Rinca Island. 

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The trip should be in the afternoon, but there was a strong wind. Fear of being unable to reach our destination, we arrived at the park at 1 PM. We had to survive in extreme heat, also the dragons. They made a rare appearance during nap time.

pulau komodo
Varanus komodoensis a.k.a the dragons.

Towards the entrance door, the tourist attraction did seem messy. Construction was ongoing in the park. Because our tour guide was still busy picking up the rest of us off the boat, my friend and I chatted with the laborers.

“What’s being built here, sir?”, my friend asked.

“For resort. Javanese (he meant from the Java Island) who has it.”

My friend told me there was a resort construction. Now if I remember it, I am worried whether it has anything to do with the closing plan. As cited in travelingyuk, the resort is operated by PT. Segara Komodo Lestari and will threaten the lizards’ habitat.

This problem raised awareness using an online petition titled ‘Stop deceiving in the name of conservation’. Based on Kompas, 42.800 people already showed some support. I’m afraid that revitalization is just an excuse so they can continue to build-out.

Either it’s true or not, I feel blessed to be able to see this ancient animal at first hand. Don’t need to visit zoos.

The Beauty of Rinca Island

The savanna.

Besides komodo, you might not want to skip the savanna in Rinca. To reach the peak, you should follow the ranger who protects you from the dragons. He would carry the stick everywhere. I came in the dry season so don’t be surprised if Labuan Bajo wrapped in orange grass.

Trekking takes around 20 minutes. Ranger will give details about komodo in English, so don’t worry! You can ask anything about them. What makes me excited is the story while the ranger passed the training. Due to the hot weather, bring your drink and wear comfortable clothes.

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