While in Japan, I have prepared four different types of accommodations. Starting from a tatami room (ryokan look-a like), apartment, capsule hotel, and lastly a city hotel. Fees vary according to the facilities, but what makes each of them unique is the interior.

I am beyond happy to stay at a ryokan because it was one of my bucket lists in Japan. At first, I was looking for this type of room in Kyoto (this city is a perfect place to see the cultural side of Japan) but prices gone mad. I even found a tatami room for US$3.000/night. LOL.

Then I started to look at and compare ryokan in Osaka and Tokyo. Luckily, I found one in Tennoji, Osaka that fitted my budget. The hotel’s name is Khaosan World Tennoji.

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tatami room in Osaka
View of Tennoji City from the bedroom window (Source: Booking.com)

Khaosan World Tennoji


The hotel has two room categories: dormitories and private rooms. The private room itself is divided into standard and traditional Japanese rooms. For me, it’s not complete if not trying to sleep on the tatami.

The room is very spacious for two people. In front of the door, the hotel staff has provided slippers. First thing to do after check in: step on the tatami. And yes, it turned out that the floor was made of woven straw. Around 11 PM, I immediately took out the futon from Oshiire (a closet for Japanese mattresses. Usually Doraemon sleep here).

Our messy futons. Surprisingly comfortable.

Even though you’ve never slept on a futon before, Khaosan World Tennoji has prepared tutorial in English, explaining how to make the bedding set. Don’t worry if you come in the winter, sleeping on the tatami will not make you get freezing, because the room is equipped with heater.

In this tatami room, there are two chairs for relaxing and a chabudai, 15 cm tea table that is common in Japanese rooms. You can open the bedroom window too to see the view of Tennoji in the morning or evening! Besides that, the hotel provides lots of clothes hangers on the walls, as well as sockets for charging some gadgets.

The coin washing machine on the ground floor of the hotel (Source: Booking.com)


All the accommodations I’ve stayed in Japan always provide complete toiletries, including Khaosan World Tennoji. There are towels, cotton buds, combs, shavers, hair ties, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel. All of them are free.

The bathroom is attached in the private room. There is hot water, a hairdryer, and clothes hanger. Best thing is the toilet seat features in-built heating for you to enjoy warmth while peeing.

The bathroom is divided into three (sorry I had only two photographs): toilet, shower, and makeup room.

The internet speed is so fast and if you need a smartphone with Japan phone number, just rent it here. Each room has one smartphone. You can take it and pay on the spot.

Well, do you know what makes it feel even more look-alike Ryokan room? Khaosan World Tennoji has an ashiyu or foot spa for unlimited relaxation. You don’t need to pay a single penny. Many tourists come here often to have a chit chat and make friends as well. Unfortunately, I spent those two days traveling around and didn’t have the chance to try ashiyu.

This hotel is even more complete with a coin washing machine, smoking room, vending machine, kitchen, and an internet room (laptop provided).

Ashiyu at Khaosan World Tennoji (Source: Booking.com)


Khaosan World Tennoji is located in the city center and very close to the station, only a 5-minute walk from Tennoji Station (either JR or Metro). If you are hungry at night, there are McDonald’s and Lawson near the hotel. This area is also quite crowded, so it is safe to wander around at night.


For sure, some hotels are cheaper than Khaosan World Tennoji, but like I’ve mentioned earlier. It was one of my bucket lists and I didn’t want to miss the experience of sleeping at Ryokan.

Please note this, Khaosan World Tennoji is the cheapest “ryokan” in Osaka that I found on Booking.com or Agoda. I think the price is quite fair considering the location, facilities and interior offered. I came in winter (cheaper price compared to other seasons) and booked for two nights.

Total cost: ¥ 12,000/two days (¥ 6,000 per person because I was going with my cousin)

Isn’t it affordable? Oh one more thing, the price included breakfast. It’s not so bad to get white bread, jam, tea, and free-flow coffee!

How to Get to Khaosan World Tennoji

Outside view (Source: Booking.com)

First of all, from Tennoji Station (JR), you have to take the Central Exit and turn right until you spot McDonald’s. Then, you have to turn right again and go straight for about 5 minutes (if you see the Bali Tower hotel on the right side, it means you’re getting there). You will see there is a hotel with the big words “Khaosan World Tennoji”.

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