Do you ever feel like sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the cool breeze, while listening to sweet music? Then there’s this awesome view even a camera won’t be enough to capture. It’s beyond words. That’s what I felt when visiting Padar Island. All the hustle and bustle of the big city disappeared just like that.

Heart Touching Sky Horizontal

After sailing from Rinca Island to see komodos, we continued our journey to Padar Island. At first, the tour guide, Yoram, had been frightening us. He said our group couldn’t go because the wind was very strong. I was almost disappointed.

“It’s the highlight, though,” I said to Yoram.

pulau padar
Sunrise at padar.

Fortunately, we harbored at Padar before night come. We did hiking the next day. 

Staying in Padar never made me bored. We had our dinner at 8 PM, then I went up on the deck. Okay, now try to imagine it! I rested my body on a beanbag. While facing the sky, I saw tons of stars. Monita’s voice in Saat Teduh accompanied me that night.

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Chasing The Sun

At dawn, Yoram woke us up. Not only us, but the others were also ready to go to the island. We headed to Padar by a small boat. You should wear comfortable shoes because hiking in Padar is quite far. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight since it’s dark (The tour guides already prepared one but they’re busy gathering other tourists. It’s better to bring yours)!

Yoram said that we are lucky there are asphalt stairs until the viewpoint. It used to be only stone and cliff. You might need to hike around 45 minutes to reach the top. The Frenches in my group couldn’t stand it and went back on the way. Don’t give up! Everything would be worthwhile.

Pose and pose.

Around 6 AM the sun started to rise. The blue sea with orange grass exposed to the sunlight. It felt magical! The guide was busy taking our pictures. You just need to sit still and enjoy the view.

Yoram began pointing at a place. “Come, everyone! This is a good spot,” he said. The view behind the hill is even better. It looks like a painting.

Sunrise at Padar Island.

Handmade Souvenirs

Going down was not as easy as going up. It’s safer to squat a bit. When we went back to the boat, there were so many handmade souvenirs sold by the locals, from stone necklaces to komodo figures. It costs around IDR75.000-IDR300.000. Make an offer!

bukit padar
My group tour.

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