If you like zombie movies, you must know the fear of being chased by monsters. At Sandbox VR (Virtual Reality), you will transform into heroic characters fighting against zombies to save the world. It’s pretty much like Resident Evil.

I got treated to play VR at Pondok Indah Mall, South Jakarta. We can choose our favorite story theme from three different genres: Curse of Davy Jones (pirates), Amber Sky 2088 (aliens) and The Deadwood Mansion (zombies). Most horror is the best, so we chose the third theme.

virtual reality
Game themes at Sandbox VR.


You need four players in a team. Before playing, the staff will explain how to use types of equipment. Among them are foot and hand sensors, also body armor. This bulletproof vest will vibrate when zombies attack you.

sandbox vr
Body armor.

You are also asked to sign several agreements. For example, if something breaks, you have to pay for it. It is okay as long as you don’t play chaotic. Don’t let your CPUs keep crashing because the game room is small!

To complete the excitement, you need weapons to destroy all monsters. I suggest you that are very eager to play gunfire, choose the first gun that has high damages. The first three people can fight using a shotgun, while the rest only have two pistols. For me, your weapon choice at the beginning doesn’t matter as long your team has a great strategy and solid teamwork.

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Was it exciting?

If you like to visit malls and easily get bored with shopping or kinds of stuff, come to Sandbox VR and experience this immersive virtual reality game. The first time is okay, the second time I play it was not fun anymore.

Compared to Pandora Experience, I might prefer the escape room. Solve puzzles and some quests that feel like Hollywood blockbusters. But it depends on what type of game you like.

Its difference with Pandora Experience, Sandbox VR records your moment inside the room so you’ll have two videos for social media or blogs.

Designed video by Sandbox VR.

You need to pay IDR175.000/person for 30 minutes to feel the futuristic entertainment. I got a Traveloka discount which is only IDR90.000. It’s worth a try at least once in a lifetime!

Where is it located?

Inside the room.

Find it at Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) Street Gallery, near PIM 1. Many people say it’s PIM 3. Go to the 2nd floor, Sandbox VR is next to the Japanese restaurant KOBESHI.

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