One of the things you should do before traveling to book Labuan Bajo is book a hotel. There are many types of accommodation, starting with luxury stays, guest houses, resorts, or dorms. Whatever it be, the location should be taken into consideration when you’re choosing a place to stay. You might like Ciao Hostel.

My trip begins at Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport. Many hotels are not so far from the airport, even it’s possible to walk into the nearest. What if your hotel is miles away? Although there is no public transportation in Labuan Bajo, almost all hotels offer free shuttle buses.

Ciao Hostel can arrange airport transfer service free of charge. Also, they provide a shuttle car every hour if you want to go somewhere near the town. You should visit the fish market or Dermaga Putih, to capture a good Instagram photo.

Ciao Hostel


Beds at Ciao Hostel are like dormitories fitted with bunk beds. I reserved two beds in the female dorm (8 people per room) that offers a beautiful scenery from the window and very relaxing atmosphere. If you want more nature, Ciao Hotel has semi-open-air rooms complete with mosquito nets.

hotel di labuan bajo
Bunkbeds in female dormitory (Source:
hotel di labuan bajo
The open room at Ciao Hostel (Source:


Each bed has a socket and reading light. There is a locker for a big size suitcase or backpack. A free padlock and clean towels provided! No need air conditioner because it’s already cold inside.

Locker and power socket.

The hostel offers clean shared bathrooms yet still, have your own personal space. Toilets and showers are separate.

Shared bathroom (Source:

No TV? Relax, lots of entertainment at Ciao Hostel!

No more TV and gadgets in Labuan Bajo. You should go to the 2nd floor to enjoy delicious food with a fantastic view of the restaurant. On the 3rd floor, you can use bean bags for relaxing or order a drink and snacks at the bar. Just sit around while waiting for the sunset!

Ciao Hostel also holds a ‘movie showtime’ every 9 pm. Before you enter the room, the staff will let you vote for movies. That day I chose Dunkirk over Why Him and Passengers.

Food Review

There are an in-house restaurant, a bar, and a shared lounge. The food can be a bit pricey (starts at IDR20.000-IDR80.000) but it’s worth your money. I had a chance to try pork Lasagna (they have halal food too), Fried Rice, and Omelette. So tasty!

Most of the food is Italian cuisine because the owner comes from Italy. If you want to try local foods, I would recommend their fried rice.

Booking via

I booked the room via in August 2018 and got IDR200.000 per bed for one night. After finishing the transaction, don’t forget to send a message to the property. Schedule an appointment on what time they should pick you up.

Anyway, when you visit Labuan Bajo, you must experience this hotel! Not only cheap, but they also give ocean view, complete facilities, and most importantly the staffs are friendly.

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