Planning a trip to Singapore? Too bad if you don’t go to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) since it’s the main tourist attraction. It often happens to parents with babies, even though USS offers a full range of facilities for children. One of them is the baby stroller rental.

I was traveling with my 11-month-old niece that still unable to walk. It must be difficult to always pickaback her.

I recommend renting a stroller at USS, starting at S$15 for an entire day. You can choose the single or double seat for an infant or toddler. We picked the infant stroller that features a backrest and could be adjusted up or down.

(Left) Single infant stroller, (middle) single toddler, and (right) double toddler. Double can accommodate 2 children.

No need to leave our passports. When you have finished using the stroller just leave it in the area. All restaurants prohibit strollers to enter, so you must park along the road.

Besides stroller, USS offers wheelchair rental for disabled and electric scooters to surround the area.

baby stroller rental, uss
Wheelchairs and scooters (Source:

Baby Stroller Rental Price List

Each price for strollers may vary. The cashier will ask your child’s age, then they demonstrate how to operate the stroller. Here’s the price list:

Single infant stroller – S $ 15
Single toddler stroller – S $ 15
Double toddler stroller – S $ 20
Wheelchairs – S $ 15
Electric scooter – S $ 30

The price list (Source:

For payment, you can use cash, credit or debit cards.

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Where Is It?

After going through the entrance gate, walk a little and turn right. You will see a blue building with sign RENTALS.

Anyway, not only rent a stroller, but there are also diaper tables available on the USS toilet. Singapore is very child-friendly! Perfect for a family vacation.

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