Although it consists of diverse societies, Singapore is home for majority religions like Buddha and Christian. No wonder it’s hard to find a halal restaurant here. Luckily you can find delicious and affordable halal food in Geylang, Al-Bidayah.

It is located in Lor 20 near Hotel 81 and Fragrance Ruby Hotel. We spend dinner for 2 days here because it’s next to my hotel and open 24 hours.


All servers at Al-Bidayah are Indians and can speak Malay. They are so friendly and would help tourists to choose the best menu. You just need to reject their offer before running out of dollars.

halal restaurant in geylang
You should try roti tissue or prata.

We ordered fried rice, roti tissue (tissue Prata), and Canai with curry sauce. I like the food, it’s pretty well-seasoned. What makes me addicted to eating here is their “teh tarik”. I can order 2 cups at a time!

The food cost seems inexpensive, around S$5-S$10. You should try Mee Goreng (S$6), Tom Yam (S$5), and fried rice (S$6-S$7).

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halal food in geylang

How to get to Al-Bidayah?

Start from Aljunied MRT (East-West Line), you need to find Geylang Chinese Methodist Church. Continue straight until a big crossroads. Turn right so you can find Lor 23. Cross the road and go along the end of the alley. Until then, you can see Al-Bidayah on the right side.

Well, if you take the bus, you can choose buses with number 2, 13, 21,26, 51,62, 63,67,80,100,158, and 853. Pick the closest bus stop from your area. From here, you only need to walk 3 minutes to the restaurant.

Besides Al-Bidayah, which halal food in Geylang is worth trying?

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