Which is better, Labuan Bajo or Sumba? It depends whether you are a mountain or beach person. One thing you should know, Labuan Bajo has some wondrous snorkeling spots that are absolutely perfect for you to explore the vast ecosystem of East Indonesian seas. Otherwise Sumba is known for its mountainous scenery.

snorkeling spot labuan bajo
Falling in love with that crystal clear sea.

While going on a trip for 4 days and 3 nights in Labuan Bajo, I got a chance to visit four snorkeling spots. I’d suggest you swim in deeper water to see the beautiful coral reefs. If you’re wondering what it’s like to snorkel in Labuan Bajo, check out the underwater pics below!

P.S.: There’re always your guides nearby when you’re afraid to go deeper. They also equip you with life vests and other snorkeling tools.

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snorkeling spot labuan bajo, pink beac
Pink Beach.

Indonesia is one of nine countries with a pink-sanded beach. How could it be pink? It’s because of red-colored coral reefs that contaminate the sand. When I went there, the Pink Beach was quite crowded with tourists, even though it is located on a remote island. There were no food or beverage vendors at hand.

Along the Pink Beach, I could see flakes of red corals. Rumor has it that plenty of tourists would take home these corals which caused the Pink Beach to lose its iconic characteristic. What a pity.


taka makassar, pulau gusung labuan bajo
Taka Makassar.

The island looks like a baby orca from a bird’s-eye view. It’s not that wide and only appears at low tide. I was so lucky to make it there! The waves were quite heavy here, that’s why you need a small boat to get to the beach. I was having fun snorkeling in the edges. Aside from the calm waves, I could freely play with the fishes. Don’t forget to ask a guide for taking some underwater pictures.


Oh, we had a short stop at Manta Point before to meet our friends, manta rays. Bear in mind, to see not to touch! It’s quite a shame though they didn’t show up that time. FYI, manta rays are not poisonous tail stingers that many of their relatives have.


kanawa island, pulau kanawa
Coral reefs in Kanawa.

The Kanawa Island was crowded and very commercial, but it doesn’t diminish its underwater beauty. Our guides know that we need to ‘estrange ourselves’ to have the best snorkeling experience.

Eager to explore, they took us into the middle of the ocean. Far away from all the noise, we were tired and a bit dizzy from all salty water we accidentally drank, but it’s totally worth it! The colorful coral reefs welcomed us, there are green, purple, pink, and light blue reefs. Yoram brought us some fish food so they would come closer. Our friend, Frans, was busy exploring the slopes.

The thing is, Kanawa Island would be much more beautiful if you have an understanding tour guide hehehe. To those who can’t swim, you can relax on the beaches. Who knows, while you’re dipping your feet in the water, some baby tiger sharks might just come over and say hi and even poke around.


View from above.

This was the last snorkeling spot in Labuan Bajo that I visited! I actually didn’t know much about the underwater looks like in Kelor Island, because I chose to climb up the mountain.

Yup, there are two kinds of activities in Kelor Island, snorkeling and hiking. The hiking isn’t really that far, but it’s pretty steep. Only a few people chose to snorkel.

Personally, Kanawa Island was the one that left its mark on my memory. Its underwater sights had me thinking I was in another world! Also made me want to learn how to dive.

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